Welcome to Pinamy

Pinamy has the sole goal of providing great products at great prices.

We are tired of cookie cutter clothing stores with lackluster selections and boring gifts. Pinamy is different.
Instead of offering a huge, non-original collection, we carefully select unique products suitable for customers who want products that express their own personality.
We focus on items that will get you excited to shop again because buying online will be fun.

We want to thank all of our unique customers who have kept us in business and motivated us.
We love to know that we play a role in bringing a smile to the faces of your loved ones when they receive a specially dedicated gift.
for them. You made us feel alive, so let’s spread the joy of Pinamy.
We are a family-owned, women-started, women-run business. When you purchase from our store,
you are helping support small business owners. We appreciate each of you, our fellow fashion lovers.

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Address: 1615 West 15th Street, Chicago, IL 60608, USA

Phone : (+1) 618-408-0681

Support time: Monday-Friday (8am – 6pm)

Email: [email protected]